John Protzko


I. Manuscripts

  1. Intelligence
    1. Protzko, J. (2016). Protzko, J. (2016). Effects of cognitive training on the structure of intelligence. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review
    2. Protzko, J. (2016). Does the raising IQ-raising g distinction explain the fadeout effect? Intelligence, 56, 65-71
    3. Protzko, J. (2015) The environment and raising intelligence: A meta-analysis of the fadeout effect. Intelligence
    4. Protzko, J., Aronson, J. & Blair, C. (2013). How to make a young child smarter: Evidence from the Database of Raising Intelligence. Perspectives on Psychological Science, 8, 1, 25-40.
    5. Protzko, J. & Kauffman, S. B. (2010). Disquisitiones Ingeneii: A review of Shenk’s The Genius in All of Us. Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts, 4, 4, 255-8.
  2. Ethics and Morality
    1. Harms, J., Liket, K., Protzko, J., & Schölmerich, V. (2017). Free to help? An experiment on free will belief and altruism. PloS one, 12(3), e0173193.
    2. Protzko, J., Ouimette, B. & Schooler, J. (2016). Believing there is no free will corrupts intuitive cooperation. Cognition, 151, 6-9.
  3. Meta-Science
    1. Protzko, J. (2016). Disentangling Mechanisms from Causes—and the Effects on Science. Foundations of Science
    2. Protzko, J., & Aronson, J. (2016). Context Moderates Affirmation Effects on the Ethnic Achievement Gap. Social Psychological and Personality Science.
  4. Other
    1. Plante, I., Protzko, J., & Aronson, J. (2010). Girls’ internalization of their female teacher’s anxiety: A “real-world” stereotype threat effect?. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 107, 20, E79-E79.

II. Manuscripts under Review or in Submission

Protzko, J. & Schooler, J. Testing The Evidentiary value of the color red effect on cognitive tests: a systematic review of the published, statistically significant literature

Protzko, J. & Schooler, J. This theory of mine: Resistance to theory falsification is amplified through self-identification

Protzko, J. Bayesian Analysis of the Relative of Effectiveness of Cardiovascular Exercise over Psychotropic Medication for the Treatment of Major Depressive Disorder

Harms, J., Liket, K., Protzko, J. & Schölmerich, V. Free to Help? An Experiment on Free Will Beliefs and Altruism

Protzko, J. The Generalizability Assumption

Zedelius, C., Protzko, J. & Schooler, J. The Causal Role of self-theories about the controllability of mind wandering

Protzko, J. & Schooler, J. Moral Contamination in judgments of right and wrong.

Protzko, J., Horn, E., Blair, C., Soujouner, A., & Turkheimer, E., Gene Environment Interaction for IQ in a Randomized Clinical Trial

Dickens, William T. and Protzko, John, The Heritability of Cognitive    Ability Across the Lifespan: A Meta–Analysis of Twins Studies       (October 23, 2015). Available at SSRN:

Protzko, J., Aronson, J. & Hill, J. H. Breastfeeding causes long-term         increases in IQ

Protzko, J. Uncomfortable Secondary Conclusions from the Differential         Susceptibility Literature.

Protzko, J., & Dickens, W. T. Heritability of Crystallized and Fluid              Abilities Across the Lifespan:  A Meta-analysis

Protzko, J. How to Make a School-aged Child Smarter: Five meta-analyses and a review

Prozko, J. & Schooler, J. Moral Responsibility under Determinism and the             Severity Effect


III. Manuscripts in Data collection

Protzko J. & Schooler, J. Quantitative Reasoning: Administration style and place within hierarchical intelligence

Protzko, J. & Metzger, M. Fundamental Privacy Double Standards

Protzko, J. The 30g Battery for intelligence

Protzko, J. The Arbitrary Category Problem

Protzko, J. What SES Pays for in Child Development.

Protzko, J. Broadway, J., Schooler, J., & Schaefer, R. The Intelligence-Musical Skills relationship is Top-down/Bottom-up, not Bottom-up/Top-Down

Protzko, J. & Schooler, J. Philosophical vs. Lay Beliefs about Creativity: Can it be trained?

Protzko, J. & Schooler, J. Gender Differences in Punishment for crimes against children


IV. Chapters

Blair, C., Protzko, J. & Ursache, A. (2011). Self-Regulation and Early Literacy. In Neuman, S. B. & Dickinson, D. K. (Eds.) Handbook of Early Literacy Research, Volume 3

Protzko, J. & Schooler, J. Three Types of the Decline Effect

V. The File Drawer

Protzko, John and Broadway, James, Eyes Open and Shut in Cognition: Closing Your Eyes Does Not Change Intelligence (November 15, 2016). Available at SSRN:

Protzko, J. & Aronson, J. Depleting and Repleting Working Memory        Capacity

Zedelius, C., Protzko, J. & Schooler, J. Belief in free will and     passivity/activity

Protzko, J. & Schooler, J. Desire for meritocracy depends on how one thinks it will benefit them