John Protzko

Research Interests

Overall, what I’m interested in is causality, learning, and what happens when people change.

In cognitive ability, this follows looking at what happens after interventions. When an intervention that raises intelligence ends, what happens to the participants? Do they change their behavior? Do the effects last (they don’t)? Why don’t the effects last?

In meta-science, what happens when we as scientists come across research that we disagree with? Do we change our beliefs as the Bayesians would have it? Do we ignore the research?

Furthermore: why do we keep believing society is changing for the worse, starting with our children being the downfall of civilization? It cannot be the case that the human race has been in decline for millennia. Why do we keep thinking it is?

I also am interested in Free Will and people’s belief in it.


Funding Agencies
Fetzer Franklin Fund

Speaking Presentation Introduction

John Protzko is a cognitive scientist at the University of California, Santa Barbara. His primary research interests include causal effects on the development of intelligence and the biased interpretation of evidence among scientists. His research often revolves around questions about change, how we change, and the implications of changes.